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Motorola Edge Plus India| Specifications & thoughts

Motorola Edge Plus has been released to take on the best flagships around, which is not a small task. Does it pack enough high-end features to be worth 75 thousand rupees or a thousand dollars? Let’s find out in our Motorola Edge plus India Overview.

Motorola Edge Plus Specifications Overview

Build Design:

These days, when you think of Moto, you picture a mid-range phone. But the company hopes to change all of that with a premium Motorola Edge Plus. It brings a sleek, curved Gorilla Glass build that is reminiscent of the highest quality phones out there, including a tall wraparound screen.

Motorola edge plus front and back

We like the Edge plus’s striking looks with its shiny finish, squared-off corners, and sharp edges. The frame is made of aluminum, and it’s quite thin at the sides to make room for the display. It does thicken now towards the top and bottom, and the bottom surfaces flat enough to stand the phone up on a desk. If you ever wanted to. One thing we don’t like here is that you don’t get peace of mind. That comes with IP rated waterproofing. Moto does Claim splash proofing in the design, but they do that for their cheaper phones too


The Edge Plus’s curve displays a 6.7 inch OLED with a tiny DP resolution and a small punch hole at the top for the selfie camera. This provides the pixel density of 385 PBI decent but a bit less than some higher-end flagships. This is the first-ever phone from Motorola with a fast 90 Hz display and content looks quite smooth.

Overall, this panel is decent. You get those deep all at blacks, and there’s also support for HDR 10 plus colors are sort of accurate, but you do get a blue shift around the curved Edge for brightness, remeasured 422 NITs maximum and up to 600 NYT’s in auto mode when in bright conditions. This is good, though the Edge Plus still trails behind some of the competition in this regard under the display. It’s an optical fingerprint scanner. It’s fast and reliable for waking up and unlocking the phone for audio at the Edge.


Let’s move on to the cameras. The Motorola Edge Plus has an advanced quad-camera setup with a 108-megapixel quad rear primary camera and 8-megapixel telephoto with three times Optical Zoom. A 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera use for taking macro shots and a toF depth sensor.
The primary camera’s large sensor is the same one found in the Xiaomi’s MI 10 pro. It bends pixels four and one. So images come out in 27 megapixels. The quality of this camera in daylight is excellent. You get a ton of detail and noise is practically non-existent


At the heart of the Motorola Edge plus is a flagship-grade Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. It provides both top-notch performance and support for 5G connectivity. The benchmark scores are excellent here, and performance in games is excellent. The phone does heat up a bit under heavy use, but I didn’t notice any significant throttling. If you want to keep a lot of content or games on board, the edge plus has 256 gigs of storage is a decent amount. But if you need more, this is expandable.


The sizeable 5000 mAH battery powers the Motorola Edge plus. The Edge plus comes with an 18 Watt charger in the box, and there is support for wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. Speed isn’t too impressive, though. With the bundled charger, I would take around half an hour to fill the battery from zero to 30 percent. Yes, the array is vast, but this speed is still behind the competition. But we can say that the Motorola Edge Plus battery life is excellent.

Motoral Edge plus
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Motorola Edge Plus has a stereo speaker setup with a button firing speaker and the piece doubling as the second one. The installation is tuned by a company called Wavves to deliver high loudness and output quality. Loudness wise, the speakers are excellent. Sound quality is definitely good as well, but compared to the best out there, it lacks some punch in the lows, and the highs are a bit too harsh. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is a rarity for a flagship these days. So plugging in traditional headphones is a simple matter.

User Interface:

The Edge Pusses interface is quite close to stock Android 10. Even though the phone isn’t part of the Android one program, everything feels quite smooth and streamlined, and almost all of the functions are provided through Google’s apps. There are a few custom features, though. Edge touches a bar on the side that can hold customizable shortcuts for you.

There are a series of moto actions, motion gestures you can use to interact with or control the phone. And there’s an effect called Edge Lights, which lights up the edges of the display for things like notifications or when the phone is ringing. Pretty neat. Moto Gametime gives them extra control over the phone settings while gaming, such as blocking calls and notifications. Game time is not new, but for the Moto Edge series and now allows you to add virtual triggers on the Edge of the phone for in-game use.

What is the Antutu Benchmark of Motorola Edge Plus?

Antutu Benchmark score of Motorola Edge plus Global (12 GB + 256 GB) is 585,000 (Antutu v8)

Where to Buy Motorola Edge Plus?

Motorola Edge + is on sale on Flipkart for 75000 Rupees.

Final Thoughts:

We get a beautifully curved glass build with a curved OLED to match. There’s a flagship chipset, loud stereo speakers, class-leading battery life, and a versatile set of cameras. All right. That sounds good. So what’s the problem here? Well, the edge plus price in India is 75 thousand Indian Rupees or a thousand bucks price in the USA.

To justify that price, it has to be one of the best, if not the best, choice. And there are some ways in which the edge plus just falls behind. You don’t get for waterproofing. Charging is on the slow side. The display isn’t outstanding for a flagship, and the cameras underperform in low light. So overall, the edge plus doesn’t seem worth going for unless you can find it at a discount.

Specification Summary
Processor Snapdragon 865 SOC
Storage 256 GB UFS 3.0
Rear Camera 108 MP Primary, 8 MP telephoto lens, MP ultra-wide angle lens , a toF depth sensor
Front Camera 25-megapixel camera
Display 6.7” Endless Edge display
Battery 5000 mAH battery
OS Android 10
Price Rs 75000

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